The FrogLog ® Critter Saving Escape Ramp

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The FrogLog Critter-saving Escape Ramp

The FrogLog is a simple to use device that allows most small animals to climb out of any swimming pool.

The set up time is about 5 minutes and once set up, simply place the float in the pool and the weighted pouch on the pool deck. The FrogLog is not permanently attached. The FrogLog should always be in the pool at night when animals are most active. It is important to use the proper number of units based on your pool size and other factors - see the chart below.
Manufactured by Swimline Corp
1 - 11
12 +

Save up to 20% when you buy in bulk!

  • Great option for larger backyard pools and community pools.
  • Collaborate with friends or neighbors and buy in bulk.
Recommended Number of FrogLogs
Pool Size
* Number of FrogLogs
15' x 30'
1 - 2
15' x 30' to 25' x 50'
2 - 3
25' x 50' to 50' x 80'
3 - 5
Larger pool
5 - 8
* Use the higher number if:
  1. The pump and filter are run at night.
  2. Chlorine levels are kept high.
  3. The number of animals found in your pool is substantial.
  4. Small mammals (mice, chipmunks, etc.) are the main concern.
  5. There are multiple skimmer intakes in your pool.
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