The FrogLog Critter-Saving Escape Ramp

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The FrogLog is made of an inflatable floating platform, mesh ramp, and fabric pouch that is filled with 1.5 cups of sand or pea gravel. The pouch sits on the pool deck and holds the FrogLog in place. Assembly takes about 5 minutes. Due to customer requests, we now have two options:  (1) $19.99. The FrogLog without  sand/pea gravel for customers that have easy access to sand/pea gravel.  (2) $25.99.The FrogLog with sand/pea gravel. A "Ready to Go" option. 

Recommended Number of FrogLogs
Pool Size
Number of Frog Logs*
15' x 30'
1 - 2
15' x 30' to 25' x 50'
2 - 4
25' x 50' to 50' x 80'
3 - 6
Larger pool
5 - 8

 *Use the higher number if:

    • The pump and filter are run at night.
    • Chlorine levels are kept high.
    • The number of animals found in your pool is substantial.
    • Small mammals (mice, chipmunks, etc.) are the main concern.
    • There are multiple skimmer intakes in your pool.
  • Material: Denier nylon non scratch surface and nylon mesh
  • Size: The float measures 14" x 11" plus the mesh skirt
  • Use: Works with pool water levels that fluctuate between 3" and 10" below the deck
  • Works with above ground pools but may need a modified method to secure if there is not a deck. A clamp works well to secure to the top plate.

Developed by: Rich Mason.

Manufactured by: Swimline Corp.

Customer Reviews

Based on 236 reviews
Nanci Moklak (Tucson, US)
Mostly Awesome

Love the lifesaving aspect. Just recently saw a cute little toad sitting atop the frog log. I had ordered two of them but one of them already lost the air in it a couple of weeks after putting it into my pool. Must have had a slight tear. Otherwise, I’m loving the frog logs!

Paul Gallipeo (Glens Falls, US)

Not a critter in my filter! My vegan grandchildren enthusiastically approve!

Dinah Bear (Tucson, US)
Spiny desert lizard saved in Tucson, Arizona

We found a spiny desert lizard resting on the bridge yesterday morning - after a while, it climbed out and left. Very pleased with this - we have two of them in our pool!

Jennifer Ricksecker (Las Vegas, US)
Love Frog Logs

These have prevented many animal drownings in our pool! We used to get so many drowned critters but since using Frog Logs it’s very rare to find a dead lizard or mouse! I highly recommend them. I keep telling the pool store I go to that they have to stock them so more people can learn about them!

Carolyn Chrzan (Woodstock, US)

Not a dead animal since I put these in the pool! We started the Sean with a frog, a mouse dead in the water. Not an incident since! I never see an animal use it, but last year there was a frog per week taken before it’s time. Thanks for the brilliant invention!

J.A. (Corona, US)
The Great Escape

I just thought I would share a photo my daughter took the other day when my grandkids were swimming in our pool. A “Fence Lizard” decided to also go for a swim and then used the Frog Log to escape from the pool. This is not the first lizard to use the Frog Log, as I have noticed an almost 100% reduction od the number of lizards I have to remove from our pool.

Marilyn Guerin (Durham, US)
So many frogs saved!

We live in Chapel Hill, North Carolina where there are so many frogs, and this has saved hundreds of lives in the short few weeks we have had our new pool! Our only concern is the exit ramp seems a little steep for the smallest frogs. When we go out in the am there are always a few still just hanging out on the log and they jump back in the pool when they see us and then have to be scooped out with a net and I cannot always see where they are so sadly still some end up in the filter. Great product, would highly recommend but the design could be improved for the little guys.
We once had a baby bunny and would love a sturdier piece for smaller wildlife if possible.

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