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Feather Friendly Bird Deterrent Markers

Feather Friendly

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Feather Friendly Bird Deterrent Markers are peel and stick strips of small (1/4") unobtrusive dots that are applied the outside of windows to reduce bird strikes by 95%.

  • The small dots break up the reflection of vegetation and sky and allows birds to interpret the window as a solid object.
  • Each 100 ft. roll is enough to treat 16 square feet (1.5 sq. meters) of glass or the equivalent of a 4'x4' window.
  • Our markers provide the best combination of collision avoidance, longevity, appearance and visibility to birds, while still maintaining your home’s outside views and natural light.
  • This scientifically designed product has undergone extensive testing which shows bird strike reductions up to 95%.
  • Feather Friendly® is a simple solution with a meaningful impact that protects our winged friends and supports bird conservation efforts.
  • Feather Friendly® Bird Deterrent Technology is an easy to use product that is suitable for all building types, from homes and apartments to condos, or cottages.
  • The proprietary materials are designed to last for many years and withstand harsh weather and frequent window cleaning.
  • There is a commercial application designed to cover large expanses of windows.  Please email or call if you are interested in the commercial product.
  • This DIY kit comes with instructions. An installation video can be viewed here:
  • This product is endorsed by the American Bird Conservancy and other bird conservation groups

Scientists estimate that today we have 3 billion fewer birds then we did in 1970.  Window collisions are the second leading cause of bird deaths and account for up to one billions bird deaths per year. Become part of the solutions and add Feather Friendly markers to your windows that are most dangerous to birds.


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