FrogLog: Critter Saving Escape Ramp

The FrogLog: Keep Frogs, Chipmunks, Lizards and Other Animals Out of Your Swimming Pool

The FrogLog is an effective and simple to use invention that solves a pesky problem for swimming pool owners.

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Important Message! Beware of Imitation Products

The FrogLog has become a popular item for swimming pool owners. As a result, many cheaply made imitations are listed on Amazon, Ebay, and other ecommerce sites.

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FrogLog: Critter Saving Escape Ramp

Dear Swimming Pool Owners,

The FrogLog Project started in 2004 to help my good friends who were always finding dead frogs in their pool. Today, thousands of pool owners worldwide are using the FrogLog to save animals, keep their pool water clean, and reduce pool maintenance. 

The FrogLog is easy to use and highly effective. For customers that order through this website I personally offer a 100% money back guarantee, including shipping. Customers that order through this site also have free access to me for questions and technical support.  

Thanks for conserving wildlife around your home!


Rich Mason, Wildlife Biologists and FrogLog Inventor

Rich Mason, Inventor of the FrogLog

The FrogLog

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>> Watch the FrogLog in Action

The FrogLog is a simple to use device that allows most small animals to climb out of swimming pools.

Recommended Number of FrogLogs

Use the higher number if:

>> The pump and filter are run at night.

>> Chlorine levels are kept high.

>> The number of animals found in your pool is substantial.

>> Small mammals (mice, chipmunks, etc.) are the main concern.

>> There are multiple skimmer intakes in your pool.

Frog Log: Critter Saving Escape Ramp
Frog Log: Critter Saving Escape Ramp
Frog Log: Critter Saving Escape Ramp

How it Works

Once a frog, mouse, or other animal falls into a pool, they instinctively swim toward the pool wall trying to escape. The animal will circle around the edge of the pool looking for a way out. The animal will bump into the FrogLog, climb onto the floating platform, up the mesh ramp, and exit the pool.

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Many Types of Animals Will Use the FrogLog:

What Our Customers are saying...

FrogLog: Critter Saving Escape Ramp
Well, I certainly didn't find any more tiny corpses floating in my pool after I installed the FrogLogs, so I'd say they worked pretty well. Thanks for providing such a very useful tool. I hated thinking that our having a pool was costing innocent creatures their lives.

– Lori H - Amherst, MA

FrogLog: Critter Saving Escape Ramp
The FrogLog does work very well for mice and other vertebrates fallen in the pool by mistake and for toads (that don't like to remain in water for long time despite being amphibians). Since I started using it I have not found any mice or toad in my pool.

– Marco L. - Venice, Italy

FrogLog: Critter Saving Escape Ramp
I only found one frog in my skimmer after using the FrogLog, so I assume the rest were saved. What a great product.

– Sharon H. - South Dartmouth, MA

FrogLog: Critter Saving Escape Ramp
I'd often find dead frogs floating in a large reflecting pool I have in my back yard. Ever since I put the FrogLog in place months ago, there has not been a single dead frog. Not one.

– Steven B. - Syosset, NY

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Two percent of FrogLog profits are donated to groups that conserve wildlife and their habitats. Other profits are used for research and development for future conservation products.

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