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The FrogLog Critter-Saving Escape Ramp
Richard Beliveau (Flint, US)

Have opened the pool yet. My purchase was to save the birds that fall in.

The FrogLog Critter-Saving Escape Ramp
Susan Ryan (St Louis, US)
Frog Logs Work

As soon as the water was put in I installed 2 frog logs. That evening there was a frog hanging out on the floating pad ! The frog logs give me peace of mind that small critters have a safety ram to exit the water.

The FrogLog Critter-Saving Escape Ramp
Jed Baron (Las Vegas, US)

Nothing more important than saving little animals

The FrogLog Critter-Saving Escape Ramp
tika zawad (Franklin, US)

So far hasn’t helped any of our little creatures from losing their lives. Waste of money. Don’t buy.

The FrogLog Critter-Saving Escape Ramp
Randy Schmid (Beaufort, US)
No spinning toads in the skimmer since installing the FrogLog

Before the FrogLog, one of our first-thing-in-the-morning tasks was to check the skimmer basket for critters that got caught overnight. The “toad spinning in the spa” was cute, but most times it was a dead lizard, squirrel, or some other dead creature. Now, after installing the FrogLog, we have not had a single incident. We believe it is working exactly as intended - and we love it.

One design improvement you could consider is to taper one of the ends of the plastic sticks, to make them easier to insert.

Thanks for this wonderful, nature friendly, product.

Randy & Deena Schmid
Beaufort, SC

The FrogLog Critter-Saving Escape Ramp
Nancy Stewart (Merritt Island, US)
No Critters Yet

We have not had the spring rains that bring out the toads in my area of Florida. It has been very dry. I usually have to rescue a half dozen or more daily during the spring rains, but not this year. I’m hoping that it is because of the lack of rain and not the invasive frogs. When the rains come and the sounds of frogs and toads begin, I will be able to appreciate the frog log and so will the toads.

Absence success

As with many things what you do not see indicates a job well done. I am hoping my frog logs indicate this. The real test will occur whenever our severe drought breaks and nature rebounds in the woods and field surrounding my pool.

Anyone with a pool needs frog logs

A few years ago, we were finding chipmunks and other small critters in our pool. A friend gave us a two Frog Logs and many small critters, including a chipmunk, have been saved. Last year, we ordered two more. When friends recently had an inground pool installed, we purchased two Frog Logs for them. They have already saved frogs. The Frog Log is a life saver.

The FrogLog Critter-Saving Escape Ramp
Fred P Laforge jr (Hackettstown, US)
so far great

Opening the pool this week,

The FrogLog Critter-Saving Escape Ramp
Elaine Salvati (Saint Charles, US)
Peace of mind

For our newly re- opened in ground pool, we have 3 Frog Logs in place. Not sure if logs have assisted a rescue of any of yard creatures, but I have peace of mind that the logs are there. Our Pool Opener stated that he has seen a lot less drowned chipmunks and squirrels in pools with the Frog Logs.

The FrogLog Critter-Saving Escape Ramp
Holly (Port Reading, US)
A wonderful product!

Love this product... I love knowing that having this in the pool helps out any small critters that might find their way in. Such a simple way to avoid them getting stuck! Make sure you get your official FrogLogs... Forget the knockoffs. These are the original real deal! I tell everyone I know with a pool to get them.

The FrogLog Critter-Saving Escape Ramp
Jura Hill (Havelock, US)
A true lifesaver!

I bought this for a friend who’s filter would get clogged with frogs! So far no frogs have ended up in the filter. It’s early in the season but the frogs are out. And able to get out of the pool!
Thank you for coming up with such a brilliant product. Two sticky digits up!

Only buy this "original" log!

There are knock-offs and poorly made imitations out there. I've been using these for years and never had to replace one because of a malfunction. Make sure you buy enough also. I'm getting four more because mine got thrown out accidently during a house remodel. One by each of two skimmers and one for the other two corners in my pool. I never find dead critters in my pool anymore!

Pup Plank Mini
Dr. Dori (Grosse Ile Township, US)
Pup Plank in my Pond

The first photo is of our 30-foot diameter pond. It's fenced to keep out fawns, but opossums come in and each spring I find one has drowned. That is heart-breaking to me, but so far so good this year! I put the Pup Plank out March 21, 2022. The second photo was April 5, 2022, and the Mallards have come every day since! Thank you for the peace of mind the Pub Plank brings me, and the pleasure it brings Mr. and Mrs. Mallard!

The FrogLog Critter-Saving Escape Ramp
Maureen Charlton (Burlington, CA)

I purchased Frog Logs a few years ago and they have done an amazing job of keeping my pool free of little animals . Prior to getting my first Frog Logs I was finding a mouse , a bunny or a chipmunk in the pool on an almost daily basis.Since I’ve been using them there hasn’t been even one .
They are a wonderful invention and I’ve sung their praises to everyone who asks what those blue things are in my pool.
So thank you for such a great and well made product, and as long as I have a pool , I will never be without Frog Logs.

The FrogLog Critter-Saving Escape Ramp
Christina Estes (Richardson, US)
Works great

My alert to small wildlife falling in our pool has gotten old and no longer hears the tiny creatures fall in (senior dog). We bought Frog Log ramps 2 years ago & they still work, but we had our pool remodeled and wanted to replace the faded versions (although we have both sets in the pool right now for mating season). We haven’t had to scoop out any little critters and even have less June Bugs in the skimmers.

The FrogLog Critter-Saving Escape Ramp
Walter Best (Clifton, US)
Love frog logs and so do the crittters that get in the pool

Love frog logs, they work great, when I go out in the mornings to clean the pool I usually have one frog on a pad. I use two pads one in the shallow end and one just prior to the skimmer. I even had a salamander on one, one day, and local bees like sit on them and get water during dry times. Well made and a big help to protect small creatures. Highly recommend them.

Life saver for our little critters

This is our 2nd Frog Log purchase. The first one lasted several years but FL sun and use for over 5 years took their toll. Before we got our Frog Log we would have several critters a month in our pool. Some we were able to save others were not so lucky. After we had our 1st Frog Log we only had 2 or 3 critters over the last 5 years, one of which was a glass lizard and may have sunk to the bottom as soon as it got in the pool. You have a great product and we tell all of our friends how effective it is.

Don't buy from Amazon

We have used Frog Logs for years in our swimming pool. We had so many tiny frogs, and when we first bought 2 Frog Logs, our pool guy laughed. A few weeks later, he told us he hadn't seen a single frog. We recently removed our last set, since they were old and dirty. Within a week, we had little frogs again, including dead ones in the filter. So today we opened the new ones that I had ordered several months ago on Amazon as a back up. They looked very much like the real ones, but the quality was terrible. So we learned our lesson, and look forward to getting the original ones!

Great product

Before frog log I used to find a critter in the pool almost everyday. Mostly lizards. I have had two frog logs for the last 4-5 years and almost never see any critters in the pool.

It really works!

After purchasing two Froglogs four years ago, I haven’t had ANY critters perish in the pool! I tell everyone I know about this product. It even rescues baby rabbits.
I recently purchased two new ones only because they were getting sun damage and a discolored from being in the water.
A great way for pools and wildlife to coexist.

I'm so happy we bought these. Our pool has two of them.

We no longer see any little creatures in the pool. Glad we can help save their lives. Works well. Thanks for this product!

Great product but needs replacing often

This is our second set of Frog Logs. It's an amazing invention and has saved many creatures from our pool! The only slight issue is their durability--they only last about a season for us. The interior bags of both previous Logs sprang leaks after one summer and wouldn't stay inflated. I replaced both of them in the middle of this summer and about a month in, one of the mesh ramps is already detaching from the weighted bag. We love them and are super happy with the functionality, just wish they lasted a bit longer!

Great product

I love these and this is the 2nd time I've purchased. I accidentally stepped on the first set (yes both of them) and popped them. I never find critters in my pool or skimmer when I remember to put in my Frog Logs. These are great. They will fade if you have too much chlorine in your pool or live in a very hot, sunny region like South Texas, but that's just aesthetics.

Our second set!

We've had Frog Logs in our pool for the last three summers - and saved the lives of dozens of critters! We used to find bodies of toads and chipmunks on the bottom. No more! I think our Grey Tree Frogs have learned to go in for a swim and safely climb out. I see them sitting happily on the pad early in the morning - by midday they are gone. Wonderful product! Thank you, Mr. Rich Mason!

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