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Frog Logs to the rescue!

Within a few months of putting in a new in-ground pool at our home in Northern NSW we had a lot of wet weather and found to our dismay that our new pool was becoming a death trap for various species of native frogs. Lured to our pool, they were unable to climb out via the overhanging coping and consequently drowned. Noxious and non-native cane toads were also being attracted to it, but (sadly) did not drown and had to be fished out and disposed of. Since installing two frog logs, there have been no more drownings or sightings of frogs (or toads), which we hope means that the frog logs are providing very welcome escape routes for native and exotic amphibians.

The Original FrogLog
Randy Bryson (Sonoma, US)
Well worth using.

I have been using two of The Original Frog Log’s in my pool now for several years. I have an in ground pool in a rural area. There has been a noticeable decrease in in bugs, mice, rats etc getting trapped in the pool. They keep the pool cleaner which equals less maintenance. Will continue to be a customer.

Hi Randy,

Thanks much for the great review and your continued support. We are glad the FrogLog has reduced your maintenance and saved many animals.


The Original FrogLog
Jamie Knutson (Lockport, US)
No more chipmunks

Since I started using froglogs I haven’t had any more chipmunks swimming or more likely drowning in my pool!!!

That is great news Jamie! Thanks.

The Original FrogLog
Elizabeth (Escondido, US)
Frog's Gotta Love This!!!

Really well made product. Very pleased with the materials and design. So far, no more critters. Keeping my fingers crossed that this continues. I ordered two of these for our pool and placed them to the side of each skimmer where the incoming water flow is strongest. Maybe I should move them in front of each skimmer? The skimmers are where I find most of the frogs and other beasties. Really excellent thinking behind this product. Thank you!

Love these

Love these- I see little critters being helped and saved by this often in our pool. My only complaint is that they do fade and wear out fairly quickly.

The Original FrogLog
Lamar Quinn (Miami, US)
Great added Feature

Thank you Frog Log! All our "little critters" roaming the night for their meals, now are able to safely escape the dangers of our pool! We'll be sure to buy another one, when this one expires!

The Original FrogLog
Barbara J (Southold, US)
Frogs no longer clog the filter

Tbe frog log gives these green pool hoppers a chance to log out instead of croaking in the pool filter. Plus, then I don’t have to feel sad or dispose of them!

The Original FrogLog
W.A. (Niagara Falls, US)
Saved our chipmunks!

We've been heartbroken to have some chipmunks drown in our pool and were excited to learn of this product. We ordered it even though we were a bit skeptical -- would something so simple, actually work?

My husband was walking by the French doors to our deck when he saw a chipmunk swimming in our pool.

He ran out and grabbed the skimmer to save it and watched as the little guy swam over to the Frog Log and used it to get out!! OMG. We were so happy!!!

I've even seen birds use it to hop into the pool and eat the bugs that collect on the edges of the Frog Log.

Super thrilled with this product! (We bought 3 of them -- one for the deep end and one for each side)

The Original FrogLog
S. (Paradox, US)
Happy frogs!

I love my new frog logs. And so do the frogs! They hang out and watch me swim. It’s good to know that the pool is safe for them. And I love the color of the frog logs.

Great product!

This is my second year using Frog Logs. We have saved numerous frogs, etc., and this year honey bees…from drowning. Bees are attracted to salt water pools… the frog log gives them a place to land and rest while collecting water to take back to cool the hive. Sometimes a bee will think it is a better swimmer than it is and we have retrieved a few from the pool but overall more honey bees survived due to our frog logs! I have 3 frog logs in my pool all season long. Bought two for a friend this year as well! Love this product.

Great product

We had a blue Frog Log for many years and just replaced. Definitely helps keep frogs and other critters from drowning in the pool. I highly recommend

The Original FrogLog
Carol Fricker (Phoenix, US)
No frogs but a lot of leaves!

Haven’t seen one frog since I bought it!! Lol

The Original FrogLog
MyChelle Spence (Seattle, US)

We've a Bullfrog living in the Backyard, and hops into the pool all summer. He's finally got a method of getting himself out.

Love these frog logs. Have never had any animals die in my pool since I have these

The Original FrogLog
MELANIE BERRY (Wichita Falls, US)
Love it!

The bugs/frogs seem to be making their way out by way of the Froglog. I used to find a lot of crickets etc. in the mornings but now I wake up to an empty pool. So happy with it!

The Original FrogLog
Jeanie (Watkinsville, US)

We've been using Frog Logs for years. Our pool is open year round and without Frog Logs we would

The Original FrogLog
Stacey Ducker (Blue Ridge, US)
My frogs may be stupid...

The frog log absolutely works as intended. My issue is my frogs my be stupid. They sit on it and stay so they’re not sucked into the filter, but they don’t hop off of it to safety!

As soon as they see me, the jump right back into the pool and I have to chase them down to save their lives…sigh…it works. I just don’t have the smartest frogs.

The Original FrogLog
Dee P (Havre de Grace, US)
Frog Log Is Great!

I bought two Frog Logs for my daughter's inground pool. We had been finding frogs in the basket every time we went to clean them out. Since we put up the two frog logs, no more critters in the basket! Set-up was easy and they are doing what they were designed to do, give the creatures a way out of the water.

The Original FrogLog
Rebecca Dallara (Broomall, US)

Been working beautifully-have purchased in the past
So far only one poor frog didn’t make it out

The Original FrogLog
Michael Bergman (Brooklyn, US)
Purty good

As far as I can tell, it works well. Has a tendency to collect leaves underneath it, so needs frequent cleaning. Haven’t had to refill the air chamber at all!

The Original FrogLog
Anatoli Inc. (Syracuse, US)

So happy we got this! No more casualties!!

The Original FrogLog

Plenty of frogs though they all just huddled on the frog log facing out..Scooped them from a net or out of the skimmer. Set up motion camera. Didn'
t pick up f
any frogs exiting the log.

The Original FrogLog
Marjorie Watts (Toronto, CA)

Fantastic product. It works! My only minor critic is that the colour of the material that the weight was in has faded.


They work well, we have not found any dead critters in the pool since we put these in, however, they only last about 3 seasons max in Northern Calif. due to extreme heat and chlorine

The Original FrogLog
mavis fontaine (Medway, US)
Love this product !

Have been using these for years and love them. My chipmunks love them too. Have given them as gifts and recommend them to everyone. Wish they would advertise more so that more people would know about them and use them.

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