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The FrogLog Critter-Saving Escape Ramp
Erika Lakeman (Manchester, US)
Happy Little Campers

The Froglog is working great. Since putting them out we have saved frogs, snakes and last night our friendly little chipmunk. So happy we found your product!

The FrogLog Critter-Saving Escape Ramp
Olivia Gordon (Houston, US)
Awesome Product

I think it’s working, haven’t seen any of the critters use it in action, but haven’t found any floating around the pool either. The only complaint I have is that it bleached out from the sun so it looks faded. Maybe having a lighter color would look better. Other than that, it stays where I put it and I love what the product is designed for!

The FrogLog Critter-Saving Escape Ramp
Eric DeVine (Riverdale, US)
Customer had one, we liked it and started carrying them.

So far the ones we've purchased seem well made, cost for what you get is very reasonable and we and our customers really like the simplicity and yet functionality. A good product.

The FrogLog Critter-Saving Escape Ramp
Robert Stopka (Oldsmar, US)
Truly remarkable

We have not had one frog or Lizard in the pool since using this product. I couldn't bear to see the floating bodies everyday and this has given us a great peace of mind. Thank you! ❤️

The FrogLog Critter-Saving Escape Ramp
Tim Vogt (Bay Minette, US)
It works

Did not believe at first but have not seen a frog in the pool in over 30 days where there would normally be at least 2 or more a day.
Thanks for an easy frog cure without killing them.

The FrogLog Critter-Saving Escape Ramp
Kris Beckett (Farmington, US)
My pool no longer has a body count

This the second set of frog logs that we have had for our pool. The first set was seven years old, still fully functional, but were getting sun bleached and shabby looking. Before getting these, our pool was racking up quite a critter body count, but since then, nothing. Thanks for repairing my karma, Frog Logs.

The FrogLog Critter-Saving Escape Ramp
Marion Pennelli (Vineland, CA)
second time ordering frog log

When we didn’t have any we had everything falling into the pool. When we had 4 we had nothing falling in. We now have 2 and periodically find little toads in the skimmer but none of the bigger animals like chipmunks, birds or bunnies.

The FrogLog Critter-Saving Escape Ramp
Gale Epstein (New York, US)
Life saver

This is the third frog log I've had and I wouldn't open a pool without it. It makes a huge difference in the number of creatures that can perish in a pool with no escape. I wish it were sold at more retail stores so more people would know about it. Also it would be great if were made of a fabric that lasts longer under the sun and chlorine.

We have had complete success with our Frog Log. Prior to the use of the Frog Log we had frogs in our pool several times a week. We have had zero frogs in our pool since we placed it in our pool. Thanks for a great product that is saving the lives of small critters.

The FrogLog Critter-Saving Escape Ramp
Rebecca Clough (Sugar Hill, US)
Absolutely Awesome Product!

You feel bad when you have to scoop the frogs out of the pool:( Now, no more frogs in the pool, ever!! This is an awesome product!

Great Pool Device for Saving Critters

Since we have begun using the FrogLog we have not found any critters in the pool. It has worked great so far!

The FrogLog Critter-Saving Escape Ramp
Virginia Graves (Saint Paul, US)
Great Pool Device for Saving Critters

Since having the FrogLog, we have found very few critters in the pool. It has worked great so far.

The FrogLog Critter-Saving Escape Ramp
L.H. (Saint Simons Island, US)

There was not a single frog tragedy in a year, where there had previously been quite a few, since floating this in the pool. I’ve had to replace it after a year, but that seems longer than I might have expected something to hold up in the chlorine day in and day out. Thanks for making this wonderful idea a practical reality.

The FrogLog Critter-Saving Escape Ramp
Marianne Nigro (Smithtown, US)

Before I had the FrogLog Critter Escape Ramp, I had chipmunk or toad fatalities several times a week. Since I installed the ramp, I am happy to report NO fatalities. Thank you FrogLog for an amazing invention. Well worth the money.

The FrogLog Critter-Saving Escape Ramp

Haven't seen a critter in the pool to save but pleased to see the doves in the area walk down the ramp to get a drink. Thanks for that.

Led a horse to water…

The recalcitrant pool owner for whom I bought it won’t use it!! He said he takes frogs out of the filter basket. Ugh.

The FrogLog Critter-Saving Escape Ramp
Annalisa Harty (Sparta, US)
No more frogs!

I got this for my grandparents' pool to reduce their cleaning duties and they've reported no frogs needing to be picked out of the pool since it has been set up. Easy to inflate and fill with sand. We put it under the diving board to reduce any tripping hazard though it is small enough that probably wasn't necessary.

The FrogLog Critter-Saving Escape Ramp
Peter KRAVITZ (Manchester, US)

TheFrogLog seems to have become a home for a frog. If you approach the FrogLog during the day, it will slide off the side into the water and swim away with a great deal of speed. I expect that if I remove the FrogLog from the water, the frog will drown, as there is no way it can get out of the pool on its own.

The FrogLog Critter-Saving Escape Ramp
Herveline Vinchon (Calvisson, FR)
Nos grenouilles sont en sécurité

Le principe est simple. Il fallait juste y penser. Les grenouilles de notre mare qui s'aventurent dans la piscine peuvent désormais en ressortir saines et sauves.

The FrogLog Critter-Saving Escape Ramp
Holly Lynn Swenson (Boulder City, US)
No more burials!!

I luv our new Frog Logs for the pool! Since they were placed we have had zero drownings and no more burials!! Thank you for inventing these terrific animal saving devices <3

The frogs are thankful!

The frogs are thankful to be saved now. They are also helping save some of my other favorites such as large colorful beetles and other handsome species I'd prefer alive, which cuts down on skimming time as well. Thank you!

The FrogLog Critter-Saving Escape Ramp
clayton Albright (Delmar, US)
no more critters in pool

haven't had anyone in the pool or skimmer since we put it in

The FrogLog Critter-Saving Escape Ramp
Aven Burch (Rutland, US)
So satisfied and grateful

I had a chipmunk drown in my pool I was devastated. I searched the web for a solution and saw a video of how the frog log can save animals lives. I am so happy I bought one. My Frog Log has saved a few furry friends in my yard in the short time I have had it. I am so grateful for my Frog Log.

The FrogLog Critter-Saving Escape Ramp
Blye Zaysoff (Chandler, US)
I would give it 5 stars

I have gone through several frog logs over the years. Right now with the heat, the small birds drop down on it and get a drink from the pool.

The FrogLog Critter-Saving Escape Ramp
Sandie Mathis (Roure, IT)
More than perfect!

No more animals in the skimmer from the moment we have put the Frog Log Escape Ramp in the pools of our holiday homes Villa Loreto in Piedmont :-)))
Excellent quality of the product. No problem with the shipment from the States to Italy.

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