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What Animals?

What animals will use the FrogLog?

The FrogLog has been tested on frogs, toads, lizards, salamanders, mice, and squirrels. All these animals easily can use the FrogLog. We have received emails and photos from customers documenting that the FrogLog works for ducklings, snakes, chipmunks, baby rabbits, bats, and birds. Anecdotal information suggests that the FrogLog may work for small hedgehogs. We are pretty certain that the FrogLog will work with many other animals not listed in the table. Swimming pool owners have sent us emails stating that far fewer beetles, bees, and spiders are found in their skimmers after placing FrogLogs in their pool.

We have had two different customers tell us stories about how an armadillo and an opossum used the FrogLog as a life raft. These larger animals clung to the FrogLog float until the pool owner scooped out them out with a net. 

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