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Thank you to all of our happy FrogLog friends and your very generous feedback.   Please see a few of the wonderful messages we’ve received.

If you have a testimonial you’d like to send over, or if you would like to write a FrogLog review, please email us at or go to the review link on the home page.

It is working just as advertised. I have had it in place for several months and have not found any animals in the skimmer. Previously I frequently found frogs in the skimmer and squirrels and chipmunks in the skimmer or pool. Thankfully, that is no longer a problem.
John K. - Selma, AL

The FrogLog is working perfectly. It is an outstanding invention. I purchased it as a protection for small mammals and lizards. My wife and I have always enjoyed watching the wildlife here in Arizona and we were always heartbroken when any animal ended up drowning in our pool. We had a particularly bad year (2006) that saw multiple ground squirrels drown and one Sunday I found four in our skimmer at one time... Well, since putting the FrogLog in the pool we have had exactly zero drownings in about 6 months and we could not be happier... I recommend it highly because it is extremely cost effective and works exactly as advertised. I even ordered a couple of backups just in case. Also we get some severe storms in the summer with high winds and rain and the FrogLog is unaffected by even the harshest weather conditions and has stayed put at all times. Thank you for this wonderful product.
David M. - Phoenix, AZ

I was using the Scamper Ramp before, since it was the only commercially available thing I could find at the time that would help small wild animals (which were my concern - I don't have any dogs) get out of the pool. I like the FrogLogs better: they are simpler and smaller, and I think they do at least as good a job as the Scamper Ramp, if not better, for the little critters - especially since having two FrogLogs is very affordable. I haven't collected any data, but it seems that there is a fairly dramatic reduction in drownings with the FrogLogs, as compared to without them. Before the FrogLogs, we were getting k-rats and lizards of various sizes, several times a week. With FrogLogs, we occasionally find a very young/small lizard (less than once a week), and very occasionally a rodent (usually young) (once a month?). Thanks so much for making and selling the FrogLogs!
L.G. - Tucson, AZ

I bought two FrogLogs for my 30,000 gallon pool, and they work great! It was such a relief to not find dead frogs in the pool's filtration basket, or floating on the surface. I also had a resident bullfrog who lived comfortably in the pool, would haul out on the FrogLog for a rest, and use it to get into and out of the pool whenever he wished. I spread the good news about the FrogLog whenever I can. I write a lot of editorials to local newspapers, and I intend to write one about making pools safer for the environment.
Maureen H. - East Hampton, CT

I noticed a big decline in the number of toads and salamanders in the pool after installing the FrogLog, but would still find an occasional dead toad - all little ones. I installed a second FrogLog and turned the pump and filter off at night. Now finding dead animals is a rarity.
Al R. - Smyrna, DE

I purchased two of your wonderful FrogLogs to give as gifts to friends. I saw both couples again tonight, and they both raved about their FrogLogs & told everyone at the party that they haven't had any problems with frogs in their pools ever since they started using it. They've even witnessed a couple of frogs crossing the FrogLog 'bridge' to safety! Thank you so much for this wonderful invention. I wish every pool had one!
Melanie W. - Boca Raton, FL

I use two FrogLogs in my 15,000 gallon pool, and haven't found a single dead critter all summer. I used to run out to the pool at the crack of dawn every day to scoop out exhausted frogs and lizards that had been struggling to stay afloat all night. The FrogLog is just what I was looking for, and the design is ideal. Of course, as I told you, I replace the sand bag you provide with a 4 lb. scuba belt weight, which fits perfectly. So far everything seems to be holding up pretty well to weathering and pool chemicals. I'm very satisfied, and all visitors to my pool comment on the simple brilliance of the device. Thanks.
Dave N. - Jacksonville, FL

The FrogLogs are working great! I have not had frogs in my pool since I got the FrogLogs. Not only that, I went out one morning and scared an armadillo and it dove in the pool. It was too big for me to get out with the net so I had to leave it and pray it did not tear up the liner trying to get out. When I came home for lunch the armadillo was gone. I notice that one of the FrogLogs was turned over and it was obvious how he got out of the pool. I know they are not supposed to be for animals of that size, but the FrogLogs save an animals life and my pool liner! I could not have made a better investment. Thanks for a great invention!
Jeri H. - Tallahassee, FL

I have the older version of the Frog Log and love it. I haven't anything dead in my pool in over 2 years!
Cyndi A. - Boynton Beach, FL

I bought a FrogLog for my neighbor's pool as I was taking care of it this summer. Since it was installed they have not had a single chipmunk or frog drown in the pool. There were at least 2-3 killed per week before the FrogLog... I wish pool companies would encourage the use of this product. There are so many pools here in Atlanta that it has to be a huge problem for everyone.
Michele A. - Atlanta, GA

I don't often write testimonials, but the FrogLog is just the best. I always hated picking the bodies of the little critters out of the filter! Since we have had our FrogLog, we have not lost a single little frog on our pool. It's the best money I've spent in a long while!
Irene S. - Jesup, GA

I love the FrogLog. Before I had two chipmunks a week in my skimmer. I have not had a chipmunk or any other animals in my skimmer since purchasing the FrogLog. I recommend the FrogLog to anyone with a pool. Thank you for making pool care so much easier.
Michele S. - Des Moines, IA

The FrogLog does work very well for mice and other vertebrates fallen in the pool by mistake and for toads (that don't like to remain in water for long time despite being amphibians). Since I started using it I have not found any mice or toad in my pool.
Marco L. - Venice, Italy

Well, I certainly didn't find any more tiny corpses floating in my pool after I installed the FrogLogs, so I'd say they worked pretty well. Thanks for providing such a very useful tool. I hated thinking that our having a pool was costing innocent creatures their lives.
Lori H. - Amherst, MA

I only found one frog in my skimmer after using the FrogLog, so I assume the rest were saved. What a great product.
Sharon H. - South Dartmouth, MA

It worked It worked. I am so psyched my 5 year old saw a frog this morning sitting on the FrogLog and she took a picture. We had no idea if it was working or if we just have not had any critters visit in a while. Thank you, Thank you for a great product.
Michelle D. - MA

Our pool was used as the first test site for the FrogLog. We were skeptical, but after several weeks became believers. Living in the woods we had a real problem with frogs. Every day we removed both live and dead frogs from the pool. Some mornings it was several dozen. We have been using the FrogLog for over a season and now rarely find a frog in the pool. The product can't be any easier to use. You place it in the pool and that's it. This is an amazing product.
Jeff and Lisa R. - Crownsville, MD

Since I have used the FrogLog this season, I have seen only one frog in the pool. I wanted to thank you for inventing this product. Before I would go to clean the skimmer and find between one and eight frogs at any given moment. Now I have none. I would recommend the FrogLog to anyone who has an in-ground pool and has dealt with pesky frogs during pool season.
Damain, B. - Monkton, MD

The FrogLog is working great. Before its use we regretfully found drowned moles, frogs, and chipmunks in the morning. You can imagine our sorrow since out backyard is a wildlife paradise. Since we installed your FrogLog we did not have even one occurrence of finding a dead animal in the pool. Your product should be adopted by everyone owning a pool or a spa.
Cindy M. - Potomac, MD

The frog saver was awesome! We get a ton of frogs in our pool and after the FrogLog was in the pool we didn't find any more frogs in the skimmer. I know the FrogLog is targeting animals, but I found it to be a people saver too. I didn't have to scream for one of the boys to take a dead mole or frog out of the skimmer. We also found your device helped reduce the number of bugs in the pool.
Donna M. - Severn, MD

We have been very pleased with our FrogLog. It has been working. No frogs or small animals at all in the pool since using it. I have actually seen small frogs in the pool and they scurry to the FrogLog and hop out. Our pool man has recommended it to others on his beat. He is seeing way less in the filters with its use.
Peggy H. - Stevensville, MD

We have two FrogLogs for our 20' by 40' pool and are very happy with them. We leave them in all the time and have seen no degradation of the materials. We used gravel instead of sand in the bags which was neater and works fine for us (plus we had no sand!) I think the number of bugs, rodents, and amphibians in our pool in the morning has greatly decreased over last year - tempted to set a video camera out at night to see how they get used. The big test will be next spring when the frogs and toads run rampant again! We found you using Google. Thanks.
JB B. - White Hall, MD

The FrogLogs have dramatically cut back on the casualties in our community pool's skimmers. Our lifeguards tell me that we used to have at least 4 or 5 frogs or toads in 3 or 4 of the pool's skimmers every morning, now they find at most one frog in a single skimmer. One day a substitute lifeguard closed the pool and did not put the FrogLogs in place and sadly there were multiple frogs in multiple skimmers the next morning. The regular lifeguards have all said that they love not having to deal with so many dead frogs and toads each day. The small amount of labor involved with putting the FrogLogs in place each evening and pulling them out every morning is well worth not having to deal with the unpleasantness of the dead frogs.
Carolyn G. - Annapolis, MD

The FrogLog works exactly as advertised - no more unpleasant surprises and unhappy critters. I'm very happy with the product - feel free to quote me on this. Thank You.
Andrei G. - Charlotte, NC

The FrogLog works exactly as advertised - no more unpleasant surprises and unhappy critters. I'm very happy with the product - feel free to quote me on this. Thank You.
Susan D. - Cherry Hill, NJ

We purchased the FrogLogs at the beginning of the summer. We have not had any dead chipmunks in there this summer... We had a couple of frogs in the skimmer. Luckily we pulled them out before they got hurt. Anyway, since I have not had to bury any animals this summer I would have to say that I love the logs. The wind blew them over one time, but other than that they have been great. I have recommended them to a few people. Great product!
Dorrie, M. - Cranbury, NJ

I am happy with the FrogLogs I ordered for the pool. Since acquiring them there has not been any tragic surprises in my skimmers. It gives me peace of mind knowing small critters have an escape from the pool. My brother in Maryland introduced me to FrogLogs. They have a pool on the Chesapeake Bay. There is a high population of toads in the yard with the pool. Before the FrogLogs countless toads over the years met their death in the pool. Thanks to the FrogLogs the toads are saved along with small animals such as rabbits and mice that can find their way out... Your customer service was excellent and I recommend the product to all pool owners.
Katie G. - Mullica Hill, NJ

This product is GREAT!!! I have been using it for several months and we have only had an occasional frog in the skimmer. It does exactly what it says it will do and it is easy. Before the FrogLog, we had as many as 40 small frogs in the pool...especially after an overnight rain. They were often dead which bothered me. One, I had no easy way to dispose of them and two, I hated the fact that they were dying in the pool. I could not understand why they could not just jump out. I did some research on the internet and found out more about why they could not easily get out. Then, I found the FrogLog. The site seemed very sincere in what its product offered and I figured, why not. My husband was very skeptical and even I was too, but the product proved itself very early on. We had no frogs at all in the pool for several weeks. We occasionally saw one 'sunning' itself on the FrogLog, but then a bit later, it was gone and not in the pool. So, it must have gotten out safely. Great product!!!
Donna C. - Rexford, NJ

By the way - I think they work great! I literally would pull 3-5 frogs out of the skimmers every few days. I swear by these & tell all my pool owner friends about them. Thank You.
Kim K. - Bridgeton, NJ

We purchased the FrogLog after losing 5 chipmunks over a 3 day period a year or so ago. Since purchasing the Frog Log we have had very few casualties. Recently I looked out to see this little chipmunk sitting on the FrogLog. Finally confirmation that it does really work.
Brenda W. - New Egypt, NJ

Hi Rich, I have been using FrogLogs for years! I am replacing my older style ones. I give a great sales pitch to everyone who comes in my backyard. I've tried to convince my pool repair man to carry them. I have an average size inground pool. I want to be sure every single chipmunk that falls in the pool has a quick way out. Before FrogLogs I would loose about 4 chipmunks a year. Now rarely if ever do they drown in my pool. And the frogs!!! They just LOVE them. By mid-summer I can expect to find a frog on each frog log! They are in heaven just sunning themselves.And the birds like to perch on them to take a drink from the water! I don't use algecide because I don't want to harm any of my friends. I think this is the best invention since the swimming pool! I hope you never go out of business. I am a nature lover and not only do they rescue creatures but they provide for them in many ways. I am looking forward to using my NEW version Frog Logs !
- Glassboro, NJ

We got the FrogLogs. They are working well. No more dead Frogs. What a relief. We had been having a lot of frogs die in our pool. After a rain, as many as 30-40 frogs were caught in our basket. We also found mice and salamanders. We bought two FrogLogs for our 16' x 32' pool. It is wonderful that we do not have any more dead frogs which I'm sure makes our pool cleaner. We are very grateful for your invention. Thanks very much!
Ann P. - Cold Spring, NY

We are so grateful that we found your product because your units have saved many little critters from drowning in our in-ground pool. Today, Right before your shipment arrived, I happened to be looking out the kitchen window when I saw a disturbance in the pool near the edge. Apparently, a chipmunk fell in and was swimming frantically. Just as my husband went out the kitchen door to assist the little one, the chipmunk dog-paddled to the edge of one of your FrogLog units, climbed onto the Styrofoam platform, ran up the bridge and onto the pavers and shook himself (or herself! ) off after the "impromptu dip in the pool." What a RELIEF and a JOY to see your product work so beautifully right in front of our eyes! We are sure there have been other unseen instances where your 6 units in our pool have worked beautifully too! Jim and I are animal lovers so it is a BLESSING and a COMFORT to know that thanks to your FrogLogs, no animals will lose their lives in our pool! If you wish, You may use this on your website as a testimony of the excellence and efficacy of your product. My husband and I firmly believe that everybody who has a pool should have FrogLogs! With Warm Regards,
Jim and Michele B. - Lakewood, NY

Dear Rich, I sent the FrogLog to my dad for Father's Day and he is very happy with it- hasn't seen any froggies or mice in the skimmer since he put it in. Usually when I go home, I spend lots of time saving frogs from the horror of the skimmer and walking them down to the pond- I know longer need to worry.... Thanks you for making products that help humans and animals live in harmony.
Amanda F. - Philmont, NY

I'd often find dead frogs floating in a large reflecting pool I have in my back yard. Ever since I put the FrogLog in place months ago, there has not been a single dead frog. Not one.
Steven B. - Syosset, NY

We love the FrogLog. We have lived with our 20'x40' pool in the woods for 10 years now, finding frogs, lizards, mice, chipmunks, squirrels--once, even a possum- dead in the pool on a daily basis. We tried all kinds of homemade rescue contraptions from floating pieces of wood to plastic toys tied to the ladders. Nothing worked. We had our doubts about the FrogLog. Since then, we have found only one tiny frog and a stray bird. We are just sorry we didn't buy one sooner. A simple, ingenious device, that really works. Congratulations on a great product.
Betsy R. - Yorktown Heights, NY

Now I know that the Frog Log is only for little guys but it helped save Mr. Opossum last night and kept him alive until we could get him more help! THANKS FROG LOG! Also the Frog Log stood up to and helped even with those sharp claws that opossum have! There are no puncture holes and the pillow is still inflated! Very nice product indeed! BTW this has saved 100s of frogs and a chipmunk or two and now an opossum.
Justin and Sarah B. - Hamburg, NY

I love the FrogLog. We live in a wooded area with lots of tree frogs. The person who cleans my swimming pool tells me she has not seen any frogs or other creatures in the skimmer, and the incidence of bug/spiders in the pool has almost stopped as well.
Kara S. - Edmond, OK

To whom it may concern: Just a quick note to let you know how pleased I am with my FrogLog purchase. I bought two, and they work beautifully. I honestly did not expect such success, and purchased the item as a last resort. I have been pleasantly surprised. When we moved in to our house we were getting one or two dead chipmunks per day. Since the FrogLogs were bought, we have had only one chipmunk, and it has been over three months! I am so pleased. Thank you for a quality, effective tool to prevent animal deaths. Thanks!
Susie M. - Pittsburg, PA

We love our FrogLog and so do the frogs and toads. Before purchasing the FrogLog we would dread going out to the pool every morning for fear of finding a dead frog or toad.... Since placing the FrogLog beside our skimmer we have not found one frog or toad in our pool.... I'm sure the FrogLog has saved a lizard or two among other creatures.
John and Cindy M. - Aiken, SC

The FrogLog seems to be working pretty well. I found one small shrew at the bottom of the pool (18' x 36') since we got it as opposed to the usual collection of the same plus frogs and a rare chipmunk or baby bird we had the last few summers. I think it rescues many insects as well? I've located it just upstream from the skimmer inlet where I'd often found past drowning victims so they have a chance to climb out before they get sucked in. The FrogLog tends to accumulate a little debris around it, but then so does any other object (balls, floats, etc.) left in the pool. All in all, I'm extremely satisfied. It works. It's inconspicuous, and a good topic of conversation when a visitor does notice it. And it cost a lot less than larger devices, which can accommodate dogs and cats. We have both, but our pool has steps which they can use if needed.
Rich A., MD - Spartanburg, SC

I am very pleased to report that we have had zero frog or small animal casualties this season. It must be working. Thank you for a great product!
Tracy C-B. - Chattanooga, TN

I am very pleased with the FrogLog. I hated finding frogs in the skimmer. (I felt sorry for them.) But since I put the FrogLog in the pool, I haven't seen one frog in the skimmer. I noticed also that crickets seemed to use the FrogLog, too. I'm not sure they figure out how to climb out of the pool, but maybe they do eventually...Thanks for inventing and marketing the FrogLog - I needed a solution and you provided one.
Kathryn W. - Alexandria, VA

Last year was my first year with an inground pool and I had to go out every morning and scoop out dead frogs. I was able to cut back on the carnage by draping towels over the side of the pool, but they weren't a hundred percent effective and they mildewed badly. With the FrogLogs, I've had very few frog casualties in my pool this year. I've even placed one right in front of the skimmer and haven't had a single frog get sucked into the skimmer this year... I plan to purchase a couple more because I have a fairly large pool (40' x 20') and I still drape a couple of towels at one end. I'd like to replace those with FrogLogs too and put another in front of the steps... I searched long and hard last year (locally and on the internet) for something to help frogs get out of my pool. Yours was the only product I found and it's been worth every penny.
Sheila N. - Chesapeake, VA

The FrogLog is working great. One or two frogs per week met their demise in our pool skimmer this past summer. After googling for a solution, we stumbled upon FrogLog. Following a quick and efficient online transaction, and even easier installation, our frogs have bee happily escaping ever since. FrogLog is a must for the wildlife-friendly suburban pool-owner who wants an easy and inexpensive way to reduce his/her pool maintenance.
Paul K. - Oakton, VA

I just wanted to let you know, this is working great!! We weren't sure at first but its been four weeks and we have had no snakes or frogs getting trapped in our skimmer basket. I put the FrogLog right beside where the water filters in. Thank you!!
Lonnie S. - Seattle, WA

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