The FrogLog Critter-Saving Escape Ramp

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The FrogLog is made of an inflatable floating platform, mesh ramp, and fabric pouch that is filled with 1.5 cups of sand or pea gravel. The pouch sits on the pool deck and holds the FrogLog in place. Assembly takes about 5 minutes. Due to customer requests, we now have two options:  (1) $19.99. The FrogLog without  sand/pea gravel for customers that have easy access to sand/pea gravel.  (2) $25.99.The FrogLog with sand/pea gravel. A "Ready to Go" option. 

Recommended Number of FrogLogs
Pool Size
Number of Frog Logs*
15' x 30'
1 - 2
15' x 30' to 25' x 50'
2 - 4
25' x 50' to 50' x 80'
3 - 6
Larger pool
5 - 8

 *Use the higher number if:

    • The pump and filter are run at night.
    • Chlorine levels are kept high.
    • The number of animals found in your pool is substantial.
    • Small mammals (mice, chipmunks, etc.) are the main concern.
    • There are multiple skimmer intakes in your pool.
  • Material: Denier nylon non scratch surface and nylon mesh
  • Size: The float measures 14" x 11" plus the mesh skirt
  • Use: Works with pool water levels that fluctuate between 3" and 10" below the deck
  • Works with above ground pools but may need a modified method to secure if there is not a deck. A clamp works well to secure to the top plate.

Developed by: Rich Mason.

Manufactured by: Swimline Corp.

Customer Reviews

Based on 306 reviews
Vivian Cottrell
Too soon

Too soon to know. The weather changed & I closed my pool but next year it’ll be in use. My daughter had 2 for her pool & highly recommended it to me. No more fishing out dead squirrels, frogs etc. I’m sure I’ll love it as much as my daughter does. Thank you

Carol D Jackson (Smithville, US)
No more frogs drowning

Since placing the frog log at the edge of my pool I’ve had no more frogs drowning. It seems like it will last a long while and was very easy to set up.

Stephen Shawl

Frogs are rare in my pool. Although dead rats and lizards are more often but random, I cannot tell how effective it is. That said, there have been few but i cannot tell if it is because of the end of summer or the froglog. At least we are trying to save lives!

Meredith Kern (Shrewsbury, US)
Good choice

Bought 2 as a replacement for a previously owned Frog Log. They work as described.

Julie Scribner (Columbus, US)
Perfect solution at the Columbus Botanical Garden!

At the Columbus Botanical Garden, we had a number of frogs and turtles get into our water features this spring. Due to the construct, there were really no ways for them to escape. There were several places where the rock had tiny outcroppings and the frogs were huddled together there to get out of the water and rest. While I was looking for a more natural looking flotation type device, I decided to give the Frog Log a try.
Within days, frogs were regularly using the Frog Log to exit the water feature, and even the Eastern Yellow Bellied Slider that we've named Penelope has been seen frequently enjoying the Georgia sunshine on the Frog Log.
We are so happy with this solution, as are our guests!

rick cadwallader (St. Petersburg, US)


C. (Brentwood, US)
Updated - and All-Stars Review!

I mentioned that we didn’t receive the rock packages we had originally ordered, and was immediately rewarded with an email promising rocks asap! Thank you FL!! Soon, we’ll be able to get back to saving our little pool critters…and enjoying a critter-free dip! Cheers FrogLog!

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