The FrogLog Critter-Saving Escape Ramp


The FrogLog is made of an inflatable floating platform, mesh ramp, and fabric pouch that is filled with 1.5 cups of sand or pea gravel. The pouch sits on the pool deck and holds the FrogLog in place. Assembly takes about 5 minutes. Due to customer requests, we now have two options:  (1) $19.99. The FrogLog without  sand/pea gravel for customers that have easy access to sand/pea gravel.  (2) $25.99.The FrogLog with sand/pea gravel. A "Ready to Go" option. 

Recommended Number of FrogLogs
Pool Size
Number of Frog Logs*
15' x 30'
1 - 2
15' x 30' to 25' x 50'
2 - 4
25' x 50' to 50' x 80'
3 - 6
Larger pool
5 - 8

 *Use the higher number if:

    • The pump and filter are run at night.
    • Chlorine levels are kept high.
    • The number of animals found in your pool is substantial.
    • Small mammals (mice, chipmunks, etc.) are the main concern.
    • There are multiple skimmer intakes in your pool.
  • Material: Denier nylon non scratch surface and nylon mesh
  • Size: The float measures 14" x 11" plus the mesh skirt
  • Use: Works with pool water levels that fluctuate between 3" and 10" below the deck
  • Works with above ground pools but may need a modified method to secure if there is not a deck. A clamp works well to secure to the top plate.

Developed by: Rich Mason.

Manufactured by: Swimline Corp.

Customer Reviews

Based on 220 reviews
Richard Beliveau (Flint, US)

Have opened the pool yet. My purchase was to save the birds that fall in.

Susan Ryan (St Louis, US)
Frog Logs Work

As soon as the water was put in I installed 2 frog logs. That evening there was a frog hanging out on the floating pad ! The frog logs give me peace of mind that small critters have a safety ram to exit the water.

Jed Baron (Las Vegas, US)

Nothing more important than saving little animals

tika zawad (Franklin, US)

So far hasn’t helped any of our little creatures from losing their lives. Waste of money. Don’t buy.

Randy Schmid (Beaufort, US)
No spinning toads in the skimmer since installing the FrogLog

Before the FrogLog, one of our first-thing-in-the-morning tasks was to check the skimmer basket for critters that got caught overnight. The “toad spinning in the spa” was cute, but most times it was a dead lizard, squirrel, or some other dead creature. Now, after installing the FrogLog, we have not had a single incident. We believe it is working exactly as intended - and we love it.

One design improvement you could consider is to taper one of the ends of the plastic sticks, to make them easier to insert.

Thanks for this wonderful, nature friendly, product.

Randy & Deena Schmid
Beaufort, SC

Nancy Stewart (Merritt Island, US)
No Critters Yet

We have not had the spring rains that bring out the toads in my area of Florida. It has been very dry. I usually have to rescue a half dozen or more daily during the spring rains, but not this year. I’m hoping that it is because of the lack of rain and not the invasive frogs. When the rains come and the sounds of frogs and toads begin, I will be able to appreciate the frog log and so will the toads.

Mary Beck (Houston, US)
Absence success

As with many things what you do not see indicates a job well done. I am hoping my frog logs indicate this. The real test will occur whenever our severe drought breaks and nature rebounds in the woods and field surrounding my pool.

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